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Round 12 - Mountaineer Beckley Race Results

As the race season is dwindling down, Tely Energy Racing is still battling in many of the class championships. The Yamaha Mountaineer was held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Beckley, West Virginia for the first time and many are saying that it was a great venue. The seasons are changing and the weather is getting cooler just in time for the annual freeze at Ironman. Tely Energy Race team fielded 9 riders for the weekend and ended up with 2 podium finishers and 7 racers in the top 10 of their class.

Grant Baylor ran his best race of the season in Beckley, WV in XC1. He battled from 6th place on the first lap all the way to a podium position in 2nd place. He continued to fight through the lappers and the conditions to earn his first podium of the season.

Steward Baylor, Jr. was a man on a mission on Sunday. He lead for six straight laps and looked to earn a nice win. However his bike had other plans as it decided to blow up on the last lap dropping Stew all the way back to 10th place in XC1. Stew is currently battling for the 3rd place spot in class championship for the year.

Liam Draper who was coming off a big win from two weeks ago but his bike had other plans as well. He had mechanical issues after putting on a charge but ended up with 13th place. He is looking forward to regrouping and ending the season as a good note. He currently sits in 6th place in the class championship.

JoJo Cunningham already wrapped up his national championship in YXC1 at the last race so he decided to try his hand in 250A. He remained in 5th place for the majority of the race but ended up not holding on and finished in 8th place. His future in racing is very bright and we look forward to big things from JoJo in the future.

In the 10am race, Ty Ely ended his day in 7th place in 125 B/C and continues to battled on the new bigger bike.

Bill Gold, a support member of Tely Energy Racing, battled the tough track and had to settle for 10th place in Masters A (50+).

Our only winner of the day was Andrew Segars who continues to battle for the 85 (7-11) class championship. He is currently tied for first place and it will come down to a showdown at Ironman to end the year. Winner takes all! That is what racing is all about and we look forward to seeing him give it everything he’s got to end the year. In Beckley, Andrew started his day in 3rd place but when he crossed the finish line he was the leader by over 2 minutes.

​​Ronnie Rusch had a decent day in XC2 ATV. He started his day in 8th place and battled back to end the day in 5th place.

​Thank you Moose Racing for the amazing gear, Morgantown Powersports for the great equipment, Kenda Tires for tires that gave us an advantage in any condition, Tely Energy Services for allowing us to keep doing what we love, FMF Racing for the best exhaust system in the trade, Forma Boots, Spectro Performance Oils for the best chemicals to put in our bikes, Motion Pro for the top of the line tools we need for repairs, DP Brakes for the best brakes in the business, Seat Concepts for great looking and durable seats, ODI Grips and handlebars to limit blisters and make the bike look good, Twin Air for keeping our bikes running clean and great, Cometic Gaskets for the best gaskets on the planet, KTM for taking care of the parts we need, G2 Ergonomics for protecting our riders hands, IMS Products to limit pit stops, and Senge Graphics for making our bikes and pro pit looking good.

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