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Round 11 - Mountaineer Run Results

Sorry for the late race report, it's been a little hectic at the Tely Energy Racing headquarters these days.

Racing at Mountaineer Run was a great success for the team! They battled through the fog then the dusty conditions to bring home six top 5 finishes on the weekend.

In the 8 am youth race, Canon Kuneff continued to dominate his class to finish out the year in 85 (12-13) with another checkered flag finish. In the same class, Chase Rutan finished with broken handlebars but still salvaged a 7th place and Chase Inmon finished his day in 10th. In 65 (10-11) action, Gavin Garlits finished with another big day with second place to continue his battle for the class championship. Ty Ely finished iwth 5th place after starting out with some issues but battled back for a solid finish. Connor Stover finished his day in 9th place in the foggy conditions.

In the 10 am amateur race, Olivia Judy had her best finish of the season. Starting the day in dead last after a bad start, she picked riders off each lap to finish in second in her class. Dylan Ely had another solid race finishing in 4th place to continue his class championship hopes alive. Levi Koontz finished his day in 14th in Sportsman B.

And Cody Morehead wrapped up his outstanding season with a not so great finish of 11th, however it was enough to secure his class championship! Congrats to Cody for being the 2017 200C (16+) GNCC Class Champion. Very proud of this young man.

In the 1 pm races, Andrew Boggs led the way with a 3rd place in Junior A/B (25+) class. Justin Murphy jumped on a brand new YZ250 to finish his day in 7th. Scott Dowlin finished his day in 9th place while Ryan Inmon finished in 16th in Sportsman A. Zach Nolan battled the rocks and dust to finish in 14th place in XC2 Pro Lites.

All in all, it was a great race day. Next up is Powerline Park.

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