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Results from GNCC Round 9 Snowshoe

nowshoe Mountain hosted the ninth round of the 2016 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, this past Sunday, June 26. The rough and rugged conditions created a grueling track for the AMSOIL Snowshoe GNCC that lived up to the nickname of “America’s Toughest Race.”

At the 8 am youth ATV race, Colton Stoneking finished with his highest finish of the season 4th place!

At the 8 am youth bike race, Olivia Judy clinched the national championship with another dominant performance. Canon Kuneff gets another 2nd place. Ty Ely ended his day in 4th. Chase Inmon finished with 6th place. Gavin Garlits finished with 8th.

At the 10 am bike race, Eric Ross ended his day in 3rd in his home state. Devin Watson finished with 5th place. Emily Streets finished with 6th. Dylan Ely finished with 13th.

At the 1pm bike race, Coalton Cupp won another one. Ryan Inmon finished with 4th place. Andrew Boggs got his highest finish of the season with 5th place. Zach Nolan got 6th place. Kaleb Williams finished in 13th. Mike Miller finished in 18th and Scott Dowlin finished in 19th.

Another amazing weekend for Tely Energy Racing!

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