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Round 10 - GNCC Black Sky Race Report

Summer break has ended as we headed back to racing at the inaugural GNCC Black Sky in New York for round 10. The venue was great and the track was very difficult. Tely Energy Race team fielded 10 riders for the weekend and ended up with 3 podium finishers and 4 racers in the top 5. It was a great to get back to racing again.

Steward Baylor, Jr. was having a great race and was on the charge when a nasty digger put him back and had him settling for 4th place on the day in XC1.

Grant Baylor had a consistent race day by starting out in 8th place and staying there until the end where he moved up to 7th place in XC1.

Liam Draper came off of the break and made his way up to 7th place before making a few mistakes that costs him to move to 11th place on the day.

In the 10am race, Bill Gold, a support member of Tely Energy Racing, battled the tough track and had to settle for 6th place in Masters A (50+).

​​JoJo Cunningham finally had his unbeaten streak come to end but still ended up in a podium appearance with 2nd place. He made no excuses on the day like a true champion. He stated in his podium speech that he just didn’t ride his race. He is still having an unbelievable year and we look forward to great things from him.

Garyson Smith had one of his best finishes and ended his day in 2nd place in YXC2.

Paul Best had a good race in the rough conditions and finished in th place in 85 (12-13).

Ty Ely had a rough day and fought the terrain. Too many wrecks caused him to end his day in 9th place in 85 (12-13).

Andrew Segars finished his day with another podium appearance at Black Sky. He finished his day in 2nd place in 85 (7-11). He has been a consistent presence on the podium all year and continues to battle for the class championship.

Ronnie Rusch started his day in a great spot while leading for a couple laps but couldn’t hold onto it. He had to finish his day with a 9th place in XC2.

​Thank you Moose Racing for the amazing gear, Morgantown Powersports for the great equipment, Kenda Tires for tires that gave us an advantage in the muddy conditions, Tely Energy Services for allowing us to keep doing what we love, FMF Racing for the best exhaust system in the trade, Forma Boots, Spectro Performance Oils for the best chemicals to put in our bikes, Motion Pro for the top of the line tools we need for repairs, DP Brakes for the best brakes in the business, Seat Concepts for great looking and durable seats, ODI Grips and handlebars to limit blisters and make the bike look good, Twin Air for keeping our bikes running clean and great, Cometic Gaskets for the best gaskets on the planet, KTM for taking care of the parts we need, G2 Ergonomics for protecting our riders hands, IMS Products to limit pit stops, and Senge Graphics for making our bikes and pro pit looking good.

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