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2019 Round 1 - Wild Boar Results

The GNCC season finally got started for 2019! After Round 1 at Big Buck was cancelled, everyone headed south to Florida for the GNCC Wild Boar. Temperatures were hot but the black sand was prime. Tely Energy Race Team ended up with 4 podium finishers, 6 racers in the top 5 and 9 in the top 10 of their classes.

Steward Baylor, Jr. began 2019 flying. He was a force all day and ended the top with a huge win to start the season. He dominated the race by winning XC1 by almost 2 minutes. After hurting his knee a few weeks before and not knowing if he would be able to even race, he definitely overcame the doubts. We look forward to seeing what Stew can do the rest of the year with this confidence.

New member on Tely Energy Racing for 2019 is XC2 rider, Liam Draper from New Zealand. Liam had some difficulty with the black sand to start the season and ended up with 14th.

Dylan Ely was having a good race until the black sand buried him towards the end of the race and dropped him to 20th in Open A.

In the 10am race, Tely Energy Racing had 3 riders competing in their perspective classes.

Brooke Cosner, our WXC rider, had some difficulty with the black sand but ended up putting together a solid 5th place finish. She is definitely ready to get back to the dirt.

​​Bill Gold, a new member of Tely Energy Racing, had a great race after a rough start and ended up last into the woods. He battled his way to second place in Masters A (50+).

Chase Rutan ran 5th the entire race until he buried his bike in a sand pit on the last lap and ended up with 8th place in 125 B/C.

In the youth race, JoJo Cunningham came out for the 2019 on a mission. He dominated the race from start to finish. Winning the youth overall by 2 minutes and the YXC1 class by 5 minutes. He is definitely the one to beat this year and is looking to dominate each race.

New Tely Energy Racing member and new to GNCC is Garyson Smith. He ran with the top pack the entire race but ended up injuring his shoulder that knocked him back to 3rd place and 6th overall from the YXC2 class. We look forward to many more podiums from this young man.

Another new member for 2019 is Keifer Galiano in the 65 (10-11) class. He is sure to see many podiums this year but ended up in 5th place at Wild Boar.

Paulie Best moved up to 85 (12-13) class for 2019 and had some bike difficulty and ended his day as 9th place in his class.

Ty Ely is another racer that moved up a class to the 85 (12-13). He was charging through the field when he hit the swamp a little too hard and submerged his bike. He ended up settling for 23rd on the day.

New racer Andrew Segars who will definitely battle for the class championship in 85 (7-11) had a rough day and was not able to finish after his bike blew up on the first lap.

Ronnie Rusch who is now competeing in XC2 full time this year. Started the race in great position and battled in the top 5 for the first few laps but had some mechanical issues that put him back to 9th on the day.

​Another year starts and again we can thank our wonderful team sponsors enough! Thank you Moose Racing for the amazing gear, Morgantown Powersports for the great equipment, Kenda Tires for amazing handling of the black sand, Tely Energy Services for allowing us to keep doing what we love, FMF Racing for the best exhaust system in the trade, Forma Boots, Spectro Performance Oils for the best chemicals to put in our bikes, Motion Pro for the top of the line tools we need for repairs, DP Brakes for the best brakes in the business, Seat Concepts for great looking and durable seats, ODI Grips and handlebars to limit blisters and make the bike look good, Twin Air for keeping our bikes running clean and great, Cometic Gaskets for the best gaskets on the planet, KTM for taking care of the parts we need, G2 Ergonomics for protecting our riders hands, IMS Products to limit pit stops, and Senge Graphics for making our bikes and pro pit looking good.

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