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Results from Round 3 - The General

Every race weekend keeps getting better for Tely Energy Racing! One winner in Round one, two winners in round 2 and for round 3, Tely Energy Racing comes out with 3 winners and 7 podium appearances out of 12 riders. The team keeps getting better and we look to improve each race.

Another win and another top amateur award for Ronnie Rusch in College A at The General started the another race weekend in the right direction. He had a great battle with the number 2 spot the entire race but kicked it up at notch on the last lap and ended with a 1 minute lead. That is two in a row for the youngster and he is looking to keep it rolling at Steele Creek in a few weeks.

And another podium finish for Steward Baylor, Jr. highlighted the Sunday pm racing to make it 3 in a row. Steward ran with the pack the entire race coming from 9th place to get the 3rd spot in the end. He is looking to break through to the top spot and is focused on the next race at Steele Creek.

Grant Baylor improved on his finish in Florida to gain two spots to finish the day in 8th place in the XC1 class. Bike is running well and he is looking to break the top 5 within the next couple race weekends.

Zach Nolan, our XC2 rider had a great race in the Georgia clay. The more seat time he gets, the better the results. Looking for him to break the top ten within the next couple races.

Dylan Ely rebounded from mechanical issues in Florida to capture second place in Open B. He went from 5th on the first lap and climbed his way back by the end of the race.

Our 4 Stroke A lites rider, Justin Murphy had a good start on the day going into the woods in 4th but couldn’t hold onto it and finished his day in 13th place.

In the 10am race, Brooke Cosner, a support member of Tely Energy Racing, had a good start and ran third the entire race until some mechanical issues dropped her back to 8th place.

​​Olivia Judy led most of the race but had trouble hanging on in the end and had to settle for 2nd place in the Womens class. Once she makes some adjustments, she will be the rider to beat at Steele Creek in a couple weeks.

Chase Rutan kept up his consistency in the 125 B/C class and finished with another 7th place. He is looking to break the ice and reach the top 5 at the next race.

In the 8am youth race, Joseph Cunningham found his groove in the YXC2 class and dominated the entire race once he took over the top spot. Gaining confidence with this win will give JoJo the motivation for the rest of the season.

Younger brother, Dakota Cunningham had another great race and another podium appearance with his 3rd place finish. He led the race for 4 out of 6 laps but couldn’t hold on in the end.

Ty Ely started out his race in great shape in the second spot but mechanical issues ended his day after one lap. Back at it in Steele Creek where he will be looking to get some points.

Paul Best has back to back wins in the Florida and Georgia and took over the top spot in the class championship. He started off the day in 3rd place and steadily rose to first after a couple laps and never looked back.

​​Several winners, several podium appearances and the majority in the top ten makes for a great weekend. Tely Energy Racing is off to a great start with 10 races to go! The further north we go, the better the results are sure to be.

It can not be stated enough that we could not do this without our wonderful team sponsors! Thank you Fly Racing/WPS for the amazing gear, Morgantown Powersports for the great equipment, Kenda Tires and Nitromousse for handling the Georgia clay with ease, Baily Powersports for insuring our race bikes, Tely Energy Services for allowing us to keep doing what we love, Motion Pro for the top of the line tools we need for repairs, Seat Concepts for great looking and durable seats, ODI Grips to limit blisters and make the bike look good, Twin Air for keeping our bikes running clean and great, Cometic Gaskets for the best gaskets on the planet, Evans Waterless Coolants for keeping our bikes cool, KTM for taking care of the parts we need, G2 Ergonomics for protecting our riders hands, IMS Products to limit pit stops, Fasst Company for the best handlebars on the market and HBD Moto Grafx for making our bikes and pro pit looking good.

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