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Results from 2018 Wild Boar

GNCC Wild Boar was another successful race weekend for Tely Energy Racing! Ten Tely Energy riders competed at Round 2 of the GNCC series in Palatka, FL.

Saturday started with a huge win for Ronnie Rusch! He ran in second for half the race and then turned it on for the last two laps. By the end of the race, Ronnie had a five minute lead over the rest of the class. Walking away with his first win of the season was just the beginning for the youngster. To top the win off with a bang, Ronnie was the Top Amateur Overall. With this win to break the ice, it is sure to be the first of many this race season.

Steward Baylor, Jr. was a man on a mission on Sunday. He charged to the front on the first three laps and it didn’t look like anyone was going to catch up to him. A small hiccup gave Russell the opportunity he needed to pass on the next to the last lap. After riding on his own for so long, Steward couldn’t find the extra power need to overtake the lead. Settling with 2nd on the day will just motivate Stew for the upcoming races. Once he puts the entire 3 hours of racing together, he is sure to be the top contender.

Grant Baylor finished the day in 8th place in XC1. Grant is still getting back into race shape and will eventually battle for a top spot. He is getting more comfortable every race and looks to be gaining ground with each outing.

Zach Nolan had a rough day in the sand in the XC2 class. Ending the day in 17th place, he is looking forward to heading north and out of the sand for the rest of the year.

Dylan Ely finished his day with 10th place in Open B class. Not the results he was looking for but a broken fuel line kept him from racing at his level for the entire race.

In the 10am race, Brooke Cosner, a support member of Tely Energy Racing, got out of the Florida sand pit with another respectable 4th place. Heading out of the sand is a plus for all of our northern riders.

In the 8am youth race, the Tely Energy Race team results were successful again. Paul Best claimed his first win of the season in 65 (10-11). He came out flying and never looked back. This win will be the first of many for Paulie this year. He will be the one to beat in his class.

Joseph Cunningham had another great race in YXC2 class with a second in class and 9th overall on the day. He will only get faster with each race and is looking to battle for the top spot again next weekend in Georgia.

Younger brother, Dakota Cunningham finished his day in 5th place in the 85 (7-11) class. He will keep adjusting to the bigger bike and will compete for a top spot at every race.

Ty Ely ran in the top pack the majority of the race, but the sand finally beat him down. He finished in 7th place but it was enough to keep him in the top 5 in the series points on the year.

​​Round 2 had all the ups and downs that you would expect from the Florida sand, but Tely Energy Racing still walked away from the weekend with 2 winners, a top amateur overall, two seconds and a 4th place finish out of ten riders. We are looking to better those numbers in GA for round 2!

We could not do this without our team sponsors! Thank you Fly Racing/WPS for making the riders look good, Morgantown Powersports for the great equipment, Kenda Tires and Nitromousse for giving our tires traction and the grip we needed to contend with the sand, Baily Powersports for insuring our race bikes, Tely Energy Services for allowing us to keep doing what we love, Motion Pro for the top of the line tools we need for repairs, Seat Concepts for great looking and durable seats, ODI Grips to limit blisters and make the bike look good, Twin Air for keeping our bikes running clean and great, Cometic Gaskets for the best gaskets on the planet, Evans Waterless Coolants for keeping our bikes cool, KTM for taking care of the parts we need, G2 Ergonomics for protecting our riders hands, IMS Products to limit pit stops, Spectro Performance Oils for the best chemicals on the plantet, VP Racing Fuels for the best gas for our machines, Braap Motorsports LLC for the aftermarket support, Fasst Company for the best handlebars on the market and HBD Moto Grafx for making our bikes and pro pit looking its best.

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