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Round 12 - Powerline Park Results

So we traded the dust in from last race for mud this weekend at Powerline Park.

In 8 am youth race, Canon Kuneff locked up second place in his class championship by topping the podium once again. Chase Inmon had a great race and finished in 4th place and Chase Rutan finished in 6th place. in 65 (10-11) action, Gavin Garlits got one step closer to winning his first class championship with another 3rd place podium finish. Connor Stover finished in 6th place with one of his best race finishes. Ty Ely had a big wreck that ended his day in 10th place.

In the 10 am race, Dylan Ely had a great battle all race long and finished in 3rd place to set up a head to head battle for the class championship at Ironman in a few weeks. Olivia Judy had a rough day in the mud and finished in 5th place. Levi Koontz had a battle with the mud and finished in 24th place. Ryan Inmon finished his day in 7th place in Sportsman A.

In the 1 pm race, Andrew Boggs finished with another second place finish to remain in the class championship race. Justin Murphy had the best race of the year to finish in 3rd place in 4 Stroke A Lites. Zach Nolan had a great race in his element. He finished the day in 6th place in XC2 Pro Lites. James Harshberger finished in 10th place on the day.

Tely Energy Racing will be looking to finish the year out strong with the Ironman Race in Indiana.

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