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Round 8 - Snowshoe, WV Results

Tely Energy Racing had a full lineup card this weekend at Snowshoe Mountain and they stepped up to the mountain. Twenty racers took the line representing Tely Energy Racing and we ended the day with 10 racers in the top 5 of their class.

In the 8am youth bike race, Peyton Whipkey started the day out with a bang for Tely Energy Racing with his first win and first overall of the season in Super Mini (14-15). Starting on the 5th row, he didn't even need the time adjustment for the win because he physically was the first to cross the finish line after battling the tough terrain and slick rocks. Winning this race with 5 races left for the class championship, Peyton just made this an interesting class to watch for the remainder of the series.

Canon Kuneff continued to battle in the 85 (12-13) class and traded places all race between first and second, but ended up finishing with another second place finish. Chase Inmon finished 10th and Chase Rutan finished 12th in the same class. In the 65 (10-11) class, Tely had 4 riders on the line. Ty Ely ended his day in 4th after battling back from 8th place early in the race. He kicked it in gear and really challenged for a podium spot. Gavin Garlits came off the line like a rocket to continue his dominance at the start, however ran into trouble when he lost his seat on the first lap. He rode for about an hour and 15 minutes with no seat and still gave everything he had the entire race. He battled back to 7th to salvage some points for the class championship. Connor Stover finished with 13th and Tucker Whipkey finished with 15th place in the same class.

In the 10am adult race, Levi Koontz was the top finisher with a 3rd place finish in Sportsman B out of 56 racers in the class. Levi is starting to find his stride after missing some races due to injury. Dylan Ely had a tough race due to bad directions but found a way to salvage some much needed points to stay atop the class championship and finished with 5th place. Cody Morehead had to settle for something other than first after winning the last 5 in a row. He ended his day with 7th, but still stayed in the points lead for the year. Olivia Judy continues to get a feel for the big bike and salvaged a 6th place finish on the mountain. Ryan Inmon took a venture into a new class for Snowshoe and finished 8th place in Sportsman A out of 40 racers.

In the 1pm adult race, Tely Energy had 8 racers competing in 7 different classes. Andrew Boggs took sole possession of the class championship lead after finishing 2nd place on the mountain. He managed the 2nd even with a fender replacement during his pit stop and eating a few rocks along the way. Joe McCarty raced his third race of the year and finished his day in 4th place in the same class. Eric Ross put on a great performance in his own backyard and finished his day in 2nd in 4 Stroke B lites. Justin Murphy had the great race in 4 Stroke A lites and finished with an impressive 4th place. James Harshberger finished the day in Open B with a solid 4th place finish and some much needed points to hold his 2nd place spot in the class championship.

Zach Nolan proves once again that a bike change is all he needed. He finished his run on the mountain in 6th place and continues to have others looking over the shoulder to see when he's coming up next. We look forward to a strong second half of the season for Zach and now that the kinks have been worked out he will compete every race. Coalton Cupp came out of semi retirement to race the mountain in Open A and finished with 12th after some bike issues. Scott Dowlin finished his day in 13th in Vet B (30+).

Get your gear clean, your bike tuned up and your coolers loaded, we are going GNCC racing (insert your best redneck voice)! John Penton is next! See everyone in two weeks!

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