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Tely Energy Current GNCC Standings

After 5 races, the Tely Energy Race team are in the following standings in the GNCC race series:

Cody Morehead - 1st

Dylan Ely - 1st

Canon Kuneff - 2nd

Gavin Garlits - 2nd

Peyton Whipkey - 3rd

Andrew Boggs - 3rd

Ty Ely - 3rd

Olivia Judy - 5th

James Harshberger - 7th

Ryan Inmon - 8th

Jim Goughenhour - 9th

Scott Dowlin - 11th

Chase Rutan - 12th

Tucker Whipkey - 13th

Chase Inmon - 13th

Justin Murphy - 15th

Eric Ross - 16th

Joe McCarty - 16th

Connor Stover - 17th

Zach Nolan - 18th

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