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Round 3 - Cannonball, GA Results

Another productive day for Tely Energy Racing at Round 3 in Sparta, GA.

In the youth bike race, Canon Kuneff continued to stand on the podium with another 3rd place finish. Another great race on the YZ85 for this young man in the 85 (12-13) class. Peyton Whipkey achieved the podium with another second place spot in Super Mini Sr. Gavin Garlits and Ty Ely finished back to back with a 5th and 6th place finish. Gavin missed podium by 14 seconds and battled with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers on the last lap of the day. This 65 (10-11) will have different battles every week with the top 6 riders being top contenders. In 85 (12-13) class Chase Inmon and Chase Rutan ended their day with back to back 7th and 8th place spots. The team members battled back and forth most of the morning with Chase Inmon pulling through at the end. Connor Stover ended his day in 18th in 65 (10-11). Tucker Whipkey ended his day a little early just to be cautious with an existing injury sustained at round 1. Given some more healing time, he will also be a contender to add to a strong 65 (10-11) class.

The AM bike race was a complete success for Tely Energy Racers. Dylan Ely fought through the roots and clay to take his first GNCC class win in 250C (Schoolboy 14-17). He battled with second place close on his heels, but gained momentum in the end and won by a 20 second margin. Cody Morehead also brought home his first GNCC class win of the 2017 season in 200C (16+). He dominated his class with a +2:00 win at the checkered flag. These two boys are going to continue to be top contenders in their respective classes. Olivia Judy had her best race of the season in Georgia and pulled out a podium finish with 3rd place. Olivia ran in second place almost the entire race until the last portion of the track where she was passed. Only losing second by 8 seconds was bittersweet however it proves that she can be a force on her Honda 150 4 stroke.

The PM bike race saw 7 Tely Energy Racers suit up and hit the starting line. We saw many highs and lows in the PM race. Andrew Boggs came out in full force at the start by winning the Holeshot in Junior A/B (25+). Had some suspension issues but still managed to secure a 7th place finish on the day. Justin Murphy ended his day in 9th place in 4 stroke A lites and Zach Nolan battled through the brutal course to end his day in 16th place. James Harshberger also finished the day in 16th in Open B class. Coalton Cupp ended his day earlier after some bike issues while Ryan Inmon and Scott Dowlin had some medical issues that ended their days earlier. Thankfully nothing serious enough to keep them off their bikes for the next race.

Cooper Kuneff also raced in 50 (8-9) on Saturday Night and finished in 8th place. Great job Coop!

See you all at Steele Creeke in 2 weeks.

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