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2017 Tely Energy Race Team

Announcing the 2017 Tely Energy Race Team:

Zach Nolan - 2016 GNCC Class Champion and Amateur of the Year

Olivia Judy - 2016 GNCC Class Champion

Levi Koontz - 2016 GNCC Class Champion

Dylan Ely

Ty Ely

Canon Kuneff - 2016 GNCC Top Three

Gavin Garlits

Andrew Boggs

Coalton Cupp - 2016 GNCC Top Three

Chase Rutan

Scott Dowlin

Ryan Inmon - 2016 GNCC Top Three

Chase Inmon

Eric Ross

Justin Murphy

James Harshberger

Joe McCarty - 2016 GNCC Top Three

Cody Morehead

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