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Results for GNCC Round 13 - Amsoil Ironman


The Ironman GNCC is one of the most popular races on the circuit. Tom's Marine Sales, the local Polaris dealership hosts the event, and their large farm offers plenty of land for the track. Community support for this race is amazing. Ironman GNCC banners hang downtown, and the spectator count is incredible. The event has grown so much that it’s overflowing from race to full-on industry trade show with many companies displaying the next year's models.

As far as the track, many riders call this one their favorite on the whole tour. The track has it all. The land in this area is totally flat, but the course runs near riverbanks, which means there’s still plenty of elevation change. In fact, the hills here are some of the steepest on the circuit. If it rains, the hills will be the toughest part, as the course will be routed around the creeks. If it doesn’t rain, the riders will hit the creeks, and they’re rocky. Be careful not to cut a tire there. Also, since the race runs in October, it can get cold. Try to stay dry in those creeks.



Outside of the woods, the course routes across harvested cornfields. You’ll have your machine pegged at its absolute top-speed several times here. From tight trails, to technical hillclimbs, gullies, rock sections and creeks, all on top of great dirt, this track is a true test for a cross-country racer’s all-around skills.

The Ironman event is named after the late GNCC ATV Champion Bob "Ironman" Sloan, who hailed from Indiana and dreamed for many years of seeing a GNCC event in his homestate. We lost Bob in 1994. Godspeed, Bob.

Tely Energy Racing Results from Ironman -

In 8am ATV youth action, Colton Stoneking had some mechanical issues, but still salvaged 21st.

In 8am bike youth action, Canon Kuneff grabbed another first place finish in 65 (10-11). Ending the season with the 4th win in a row. Ty Ely finished his season with a 4th place. Gavin Garlits got 8th, Chase Inmon got 12th place and Chase Rutan finished with his highest placing of the year with a 12th place.

In 10am bike race, Dylan Ely finished his season with an impressive 3rd place finish out of 21 riders. Olivia Judy finished with 5th place. Devin Watson finished with 12th. Emily Streets finished with 18th after mechanical issues with clutches.

In the 1 pm bike race, Ryan Inmon finished with 5th place. Andrew Boggs finished with 10th. Eric Ross finished with 15th in 4 stroke A lites.


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