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Results from Round 11 - Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Mountaineer Run


Marvin s Mountain Top grew to popularity hosting huge music festivals, but it also hosted it's fair share of local hare scramble events before becoming an addition to the GNCC schedule in 2012. This race is very close to the Racer Productions office, which makes it the “hometown” race of the series.

Located just outside Morgantown, West Virginia, Marvin's Mountain Top offers up plenty of the rough terrain that the Wild & Wonderful state is known for. The ground at the Mountain Top is exactly what you would expect from a mountain, it's rocky! The soil is a mix of clay and excellent top soil in some of the fresher wood sections.

The course starts on top of the mountain, and makes its way around the edges, and slightly down the sides of the mountain, but don't worry about any super technical hill climbs as many of the hills coming back up the mountain are a nice gradual incline.

In the 8am youth atv race, Colton Stoneking had an outstanding run to earn his first podium appearance of the year with a 2nd place finish.

In the 8am youth bike race, Canon Kuneff again won his class in domainating fashion. Ty Ely finished with 4th. Gavin Garlits finished with 7th. Chase Inmon finished with 9th and Chase Rutan finished with 14th.

IN the 10am bike race, Eric Ross switched classes and brount home the trophy in Sportsman A. Devin Watson also got a podium appearance with his 2nd place. In Women's Amatuer, Olivia Judy kept her consistency and finished with another 4th place. Emily Streets finished with 7th. Dylan Ely finished with 9th place.

In the 1pm bike race, Zach Nolan got back on top with the win in 250A. Ryan Inmon made a big charge to win 4th place. Coalton Cupp earned a 5th place but sustained a knee injury in the process. Andrew Boggs raced to an 11th place finish. Kaleb Williams finished with 14th place.


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