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Results from GNCC Round 5 CST Camp Coker Bullet

The 2016 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, continued today, May 1, with the Inaugural CST Tires Camp Coker Bullet GNCC at Moree’s Hunting Preserve. The new venue located in Society Hill, South Carolina was an instant hit among racers and fans, but the lighting storm also made quite the impression forcing the race being cut short to two hours to accommodate the deteriorating track that quickly became impassable with the substantial amount of rain that occurred prior to the start. The GNCC Track Crew worked diligently to completely re-route the race track for the 1 p.m. pro race.

Unbelievable weekend for Tely Energy Race Team! Best results of the year so far.

In the 8am youth bike race, Olivia Judy did not let up on the throttle and won her 4th in a row in Girls (8-15). Ty Ely earned a podium spot with 3rd place in 65 (7-9) as well as Canon Kuneff earning a spot with 3rd place finish in 65 (10-11). Gavin Garlits finished the day with 12th in 65 (10-11).

In the 10am bike race, Devin Watson pulled out his first win of the season in 250C Jr. Emily Streets finished in Women's Amateur with 8th place. Eric Ross also received an 8th place finish in 4 stroke c lites. Dylan Ely finished his day at 14th.

In the 1pm bike race, Zach Nolan finished with a first place finish in 250A as well as the Top Amateur Award and $125! Way to ride Zach. Coalton Cupp continued to battle and finished the day with a 2nd place finish in 4 stroke b lites. Scott Dowlin finished the day with another podium appearance for his 3rd place finish in Vet B (30+). Ryan Inmon was another top 3 finisher with his 3rd place finish in Vet A (30+). Andrew Boggs finished the day in 8th place and Mike Miller finished in 10th in 250A.

Team Goughenour finished in 2nd place driving his XC3 Pro Am machine.

Great job everyone! Getting better every race!

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